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Top Parks In Houston, TX 77375

Parks help to provide leisure time for all age groups of people. You can find children playing on the set-ups towards one side while the adults take a stroll around the place. It is a resting place to build communities. Parks offer different kinds of flora and fauna and help to maintain the ecological balance of nature. Some of the frequently visited parks in Houston include:

Memorial Park

Opened in 1924, Memorial Park is one of the largest municipal urban parks in Houston. This massive park covers an area of 1466 acres in the Memorial neighborhood of Houston. There are many facilities and amenities for visitors. Many statues signifying the history of Houston are places in different spots in the park.

Levy Park

Levy Park is a perfect place to spend the weekends with family and friends. With a softball field and playground, this community park has a lot of activity going on through most parts of the year. There is a massive well-maintained garden to one side of the park while the other side is dedicated to a dog park. Many softball games take place on this ground with a stadium set up of seating. You can find leisure around the park with food and calmness around.

Sam Houston Park

This massive urban park is located in downtown Houston. Sam Houston Park is dedicated to the glorifying culture and oldens buildings of Houston. Built on the land founded in 1900, this park has seen many changes in the past few hundred years. The place sees a large crowd of people throughout the year, which include residents and tourists.

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